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On the Cultivation of Empress by Su Xueruo - Posted By Monica (monica) on 8th Dec 22 at 1:54am
If there is a contradiction between the two rooms, it is also a family. If the two rooms are gone, the big room will have to peel off. What the hell is going on here? "How could the second wife suddenly come to ransack the house? There's no sign of it at all!" Chunmei is just a little girl, do not know what is going on, she saw the situation is not right immediately ran over to find Cheng, "I do not know, only said that the second master has been arrested!"! Madam, please go back and have a look quickly. Those soldiers are so fierce that they almost turn our house over! Cheng Shi at this time also came to his senses, dishevelled hair directly and Chunmei ran to the second room. The other servants, the bolder ones, also ran over to see it, and the timid ones waited for news here. The room was full of people, all flustered, only a Tuan, calm and somewhat frightening. Chen Shi hesitated for a long time, and finally whispered, "Ah Tuan." A Tuan looked up and his dark eyes were calm. "Ah Niang, I'll explain these things to you later." After a pause, he said, "You send someone to pick up the child, and the second sister, send someone to the women's school to bring the second sister to the big room." Either way, the child is innocent. Chen looked at Ah Tuan for a while,jacuzzi suppliers, nodded, and turned to deal with the matter. Now the second room is in a mess, there is no news here in the big room, it really makes people busy, always want to know what the reason is, but also have to find the big master back to ask clearly. As for the child and the two girls, it was all right to take them over. A child of such a little age and a girl in the boudoir, even if the second master really caused something,jacuzzi swim spa, it was none of her business. Chen was busy going out to deal with and inquire about things, and all the people in the room began to do their own things. Although they were worried, they did not dare to throw away the things in their hands and ran to join in the fun. A Tuan stood in place for a while and walked out. A girl immediately followed him. "Sister Bandong is not here. The maidservant will accompany the three girls back." The second house is in a mess, and the big house is also affected. If there are people who take advantage of the mess, it's not good. Knowing that he was concerned about himself, a Tuan shook his head with a smile, "No, I have brought other people, waiting outside, you go to do your work." "All right, the three girls can go." Out of the door, a Tuan stood in place and looked in the direction of the second room. Even if you don't see it with your own eyes, you can probably "see" what's going on over there. The girls are all scared to cry, the women are shivering, and the boys are not as smart as they usually are. Bottles were broken, things were turned out, outdoor whirlpool ,whirlpool bathtub, screaming here, shouting there.. He took several deep breaths in place and turned away. He did not follow the girl as he had just told her, nor did he go back to his own yard, but went directly to the master's study. Who knows on the road met Xu Xiaoran who came back from the outside in a hurry, two people saw each other a Leng, Xu Xiaoran first opened his mouth, "What are you doing here?"? Go back to your room quickly. Today is different. The house is in a mess. Don't wander outside. "Come on, I'll take you back," he said as he stepped forward. A Tuan stepped back to avoid Xu Xiaoran's hand and shook his head. "I'll go to the study and wait for Dad. I want to talk to him." Xu Xiaoran was stunned at first and then suddenly, good-looking eyebrows and eyes added a lot of softness, whispering to Ah Tuan, "Don't worry, although this thing is big, but the second uncle brought it on himself, it has little to do with us.". There's no need to worry too much. Dad has a lot of things to do now. You couldn't wait for him in the past. He thought that Ah Tuan was worried that he would look for his father when it happened just now, so he explained it, but he did not specify what had happened and who had exposed it. Mainly this point Xu Xiaoran also did not want to understand, the second uncle these years are not clear, said that no one with him that is false. The point is, why General Wei who just came back? He has no enmity with his own family and his second wife. How did he expose it. Here Xu Xiaoran's mind is winding around, and a Tuan's mind has already flown out of the sky. What should I say to my father? Do not want to deceive him, but also afraid of his cold heart, think that they are cold-blooded, relatives can be under such a ruthless hand. If you are wrong, you are wrong. If you do something wrong, you should be punished. Do not help your parents! While thinking about things while directly bypassing Xu Xiaoran continued to go to the big master's study, thinking about how to say, how to say.
Then the shoulder was pressed, is Xu Xiaoran, he also returned to God, "good, I send you back first, wait for Dad to finish things I call someone to inform you." "It's no use waiting in the study for a day." A Tuan also knew that he would wait for a long time, and he just needed this time to think about how to say this to his father. Look up at Xu Xiaoran, eldest brother's words. He pursed his lips and directly pulled Xu Xiaoran to sit in a pavilion not far away, wondering about Xu Xiaoran's face, and what Ah Tuan said was very direct. It was me who made the trouble about the second house. What Xu Xiaoran thought in his mind was who Wei Chang Hen had contacted these days, whether there were any enemies of his own, and whether he had stood on the opposite side of his own? Leng Buding heard a Tuan's words, showing a rare loss and dull, "What did you say?" Little sister and Wei Chang Hen? When on earth did they know each other and get in touch with each other! Seeing Xu Xiaoran's instant consternation, a Tuan knew that he had found the right person. The eldest brother has grown up and is about to leave the imperial examination. What he said is almost the same as his father. It's good to tell the eldest brother in advance. Once again, he affirmed that "I made a fuss about the second house." "Big Brother, you said if I was." What would happen if I told my father about it, but before I could say it, I was interrupted. "Wait a minute!" Xu Xiaoran good-looking eyebrows twisted, looking at the expression of a Tuan is surprised, "You, when did you and General Wei know each other?"? What is your relationship with him? Xu Xiaoran can't help being nervous. Although a Tuan is only twelve now and has not yet fully grown up, she must not have any man around her! Even if the prince hasn't come back these years! If the prince came back to know this kind of thing, God,hot tub wholesale, completely do not know what will happen! The second wife thing is not important at all! Wei Chang Hen? A Tuan is also stupefied, what thing does this concern him, how to drag on his body. monalisa.com