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Private custom furniture the most complete strateg - Posted By Boyles (boyles) on 13th Dec 22 at 2:00am
Original title: The most complete strategy for private custom furniture, these 6 points are very thorough! Nowadays, customized furniture has gradually become a mass consumer product, more and more people will consider and purchase customized services when decorating, then, what are the characteristics of customized furniture compared with carpentry furniture and finished furniture? What is the way to calculate the price of customized furniture? What kind of board will be used for custom furniture? Let's take a look. Recent decoration, check the 2017 accurate quotation/excellent case, understand the professional decoration knowledge, pay attention to the public number [Decoration Talent Weekly] [new users can get 4 accurate quotations + whole house design quota] 1. What furniture does custom furniture include? What are the characteristics? Whole house customized furniture means that all furniture that can be made of wood in home decoration can be customized, including porch cabinet/shoe cabinet, living room sofa, tea table, TV cabinet, side table, bedroom wardrobe, bed and bedside cabinet, kitchen cabinet, etc. Features of custom furniture: Personalized customization, more in line with the overall style of home decoration, high design freedom, high space utilization, can use the irregular small space at home. The price of finished furniture is relatively expensive. Expand the full text 2. What are the common plates in customized furniture? ? What are the characteristics of each? The most common board in customized furniture is solid wood particle board (a kind of particleboard), followed by MDF (also known as density board), and the rarer ones are multi-layer board, finger-joint board and large core board (also known as woodworking board, blockboard). A small number of them are made of solid wood boards. 3. Custom furniture Comparison of carpentry furniture and finished furniture Customized furniture mainly uses solid wood particle board; the most commonly used woodworking furniture is joinery board (big core board), finger-joint board (finger-joint board is made up of many wooden boards, without adding veneer from top to bottom, because the vertical wooden board uses serrated interface,retractable tape measure sewing, similar to the cross-docking of two fingers, so it gets this name); there are many boards for finished cabinets, all kinds of solid wood and all kinds of artificial boards. If the solid wood particle board is processed manually, it is easy to have exposed edges. Generally speaking, customized furniture can make good use of space, and its environmental protection is relatively high, that is, it is more expensive than finished furniture; Carpentry furniture because the plate is bought in bulk, there is no customized furniture and manufacturers to cooperate with the plate price is cheap, so the sum of material costs and labor costs of carpentry furniture, with the general price difference of customized furniture is not much,custom tape measure, and if it is done by the decoration team, after-sales service is basically not, the decoration company may have a period of warranty; Generally, furniture with conventional size requirements can be purchased directly, and most of the time its price is lower than that of customized furniture of the same grade. 4. How to calculate the price of customized furniture There are usually two ways to calculate the price of customized furniture, one is to price according to the projection area, the other is to price according to the expansion area. Projected area pricing method: Take the wardrobe as an example, the projection area is the product of the length and height of the wardrobe, multiplied by the unit price, but most of them are limited to the number of shelves, more than a certain amount of money. Of course, wardrobe doors should be priced separately, and additional functional parts should also be priced by piece. Developed area pricing method: This is the valuation method with more application, add up the area of the board that uses cabinet place namely respectively, for instance the area of head board, area of layer board, area of board of side plate backplane is vertical the area such as the board is added, multiply with unit price again, it is total price, such price is more transparent, custom tailor tape ,keychain tape measure, use how many board to spend how many money. The drawers, hinges, lattice shelves, push-pull mirrors, tracks and other accessories inside are also charged separately. Cabinets generally use the linear meter pricing method: Unit price of hanging cabinet + unit price of ground cabinet + unit price of table top + (hardware added later) = total price of cabinet. The price of the cabinet is affected by the brand, the quality of the plate, the quality of the table and hardware, and the quantity and quality of accessories. In addition, there are two pricing methods ↓ ↓ ↓ Customized furniture generally uses wood-based panels, but also uses solid wood panels, which are more expensive and vary with different tree species, such as black walnut, oak, teak, cherry and other wood prices are very expensive.
5. Precautions for purchasing customized furniture (1) Customized furniture signature is not refundable, so try to choose large furniture enterprises with security; (2) The plate of the storefront is good, but the plate used in your home is not necessarily environmentally friendly. It is necessary to indicate the environmental protection grade of the plate in the contract. Once it is suspected that there is a problem, it can be tested (for example, formaldehyde can be measured with a formaldehyde measuring instrument); (3) The so-called "designer" may only apply a fixed template, do not have design skills, when choosing a custom designer to communicate with the designer, if it feels unprofessional, it is best to think twice; (4) Some brands specialize in making a certain kind of customized furniture, but they say they can customize the whole house. Customized cabinets and customized wardrobes are different, if a brand only specializes in a certain kind of customization, try to buy only that kind of customization service, rather than "whole house customization". (5) Customized furniture needs to be started after the decoration scheme is determined. After the manufacturer is selected, it will first come to measure the size and then start the design. When the height of the top floor will not change, it will come to measure the size for the second time, and then determine the design-production-transportation, and then install, instead of starting when the decoration is carried out until the furniture enters, which will waste a long time. (6) Common hardware in custom furniture: Hinge, also known as cabinet hinge ↓ ↓ ↓ Drawer slides ↓ ↓ ↓ Pull basket ↓ ↓ ↓ Handle ↓ ↓ ↓ The basic requirements of these hardware are smooth use, rust prevention and good bearing capacity. The better hardware brands on the market are hettich, Blum, glass, salice and so on. (7) Common dimensions in custom furniture: The wardrobe is 600mm deep, usually 1800mm long, and is divided into two 900mm units; The depth of the kitchen hanging cabinet is about 350 mm, the depth of the ground cabinet is between 550 mm and 600 mm, the distance between the hanging cabinet and the ground cabinet is 600 mm, and the height of the floor cabinet is about 850 mm; The conventional depth of the shoe cabinet is between 300 and 400 mm, and the height is generally not more than 800 mm; The floor height of the bookcase is generally not less than 280mm, and the depth is about 450-500mm; 6. Money Saving Tips for Custom Furniture (1) The right amount of drawers is good. The more drawers there are, the more expensive they are, and in general, a wardrobe with 2-3 drawers is enough. (2) Cabinet door need not choose too good, common cabinet door is very good-looking also. If the cabinet door is expensive, the total price will be hundreds or even thousands of yuan more. (3) Although the buffer guide rail can avoid the crackling sound when the drawer is pushed and pulled, it is expensive. If you want to save money, you can use the ordinary guide rail directly. When using it, you can push and pull it gently. (4) The number of laminates is enough. Usually, the wardrobe needs 4 to 6 small boards and 3 to 4 large boards. (5) The price of the contact lens is high, and the way to save money is to buy a separate fitting mirror, or if the bedroom already has a dressing table and a mirror, you can not match the contact lens. (6) Customized furniture and finished furniture are used together. For furniture with general size requirements, such as shoe cabinets, beds, bedside cabinets, etc., you can buy finished furniture, while wardrobes and cabinets use customized products, which can also save some money. If you want to know: 2017 decoration quotation,bespoken tape measure, decoration design, decoration knowledge, you can directly add the official account: [Decoration Talent Weekly] for details. (New users can get 4 sets of 2017 precise decoration quotations) Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. tape-measure.com