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How to calculate the cup size? How to measure the - Posted By Boyles (boyles) on 13th Dec 22 at 2:08am
{Angry} Original title: How to calculate the cup size? How to measure the cup size correctly? For female friends, can not do without wearing a bra, wearing the right bra not only looks more beautiful, but also will play a good protection of the breast, on the contrary, wearing the wrong size of the bra, will make the breast sagging, or even smaller. Therefore, it is important to choose the right bra. When choosing a bra, it is natural to know your cup size first, so that you can choose the right bra. So how to calculate the cup size? How to measure the cup size correctly? Next, we will introduce them to you one by one for your reference. Disclaimer: Pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please inform. ? Cup size (actually "cup depth") is the difference between the upper bust and the lower bust. According to the measurement result, the cup size is determined by the difference between the bust size and the lower bust size. The following is the division of bra cups (difference between upper and lower bust) for your reference. 1. AA cup: within 7.5cm = upper bust minus lower bust. 2. A cup: within 10.0 cm. 3. B cup: within 12.5cm. 4. C cup: within 15.0 cm. 5. D cup: within 17.5cm. 6. E cup: within 20.0 cm. Example: Your lower bust measurement is 79, which is a size 80. Your upper bust measurement is 92. Subtract the two numbers to get 13 cm, which is a B cup. Put the two together. Congratulations, the bra you should wear is 80B. For example, if your upper circumference is 87.5cm, your lower circumference is 75, and the difference between your upper and lower chest circumference is 12.5cm, then your cup size is B, and you should choose the size of 75B. Expand the full text How do women measure cup size? 1. Take off your clothes first, stand more easily (but straight), put your feet together, bra tape measure , face straight ahead, and raise your chin slightly. 2. Circle the tape measure horizontally on the bust (protruding point) and tighten it slowly from loose. When measuring, the breast should be gently lifted by hand, as if wearing a corset. At this time, you can easily measure your actual bust and chest, and the bust line (the line at the bottom of the breast) can also be easily measured. 3. Chest size (commonly known as "upper chest size"): Take the BP point (breast point) as the measuring point, and use a soft tape measure to measure the most plump part of the chest horizontally for one week, which is the chest size. 4. Lower bust size: Measure the bottom of the chest horizontally with a soft tape for one week, which is the lower bust size. However, it should be noted that because each person's body shape is different, the bra size will be slightly different, so the calculated cup size is not necessarily the size you should buy in the end, so when measuring the cup size, you should pay attention to the following three points to ensure that the correct cup size is measured. The first point is that fat is too much: the number of cups should be larger. (For example, D is usually selected when the difference is C.) The 2nd, the difference that calculates is more ambiguous: You choose as far as possible the cup model of one size bigger, so that the breast has the space of development. (For example, if the difference is 15 between C and D, D is usually chosen.) Third, the shape of the breast is as flat as a sheet of loose sand: the smaller the difference, the larger the size of the selected cup. (For example, when the lost fat is gathered and shaped according to the scientific dressing method, the measured difference is B cup, then the selected cup is C cup.) Women wear the right bra, can play a supporting role in the breast, can better protect the breast, so when measuring the size of the cup, we must pay more attention, at the same time, when choosing a bra, we must also pay attention to choose a bra suitable for their own cup, do not buy at random for beauty. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. tape-measure.com