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Look at the Sword with Love-Xiao Yi _ txt Novel Pa - Posted By Acton (acton) on 13th Dec 22 at 2:56am
Master Hongyun was suddenly startled, because he had already tasted the power of Ye Yanshuang's palm, and he didn't dare to fight for it again, but he couldn't avoid it, so he couldn't help using his potential secretly, and the power of his palm went out completely. Seeing this, Ye Yanshuang was suddenly startled. Naturally, he would not be afraid of this palm with his internal force. But he knew that his palm was strong at this time, and the monk could not stand it. If he was forced to suffer internal injuries, he would be too hard to bear. Thinking of this, he suddenly carried out the "Ileum Divine Skill" taught by the old man Taixu himself, suddenly lifted the Dantian Qi, grasped it with five fingers, and the potential strength of going out was invisible, but his body followed the "mayfly" and jumped out of five or six green bricks like a big bird, and stood on another green brick like a fallen leaf.. Master Hongyun spits out this palm, only to hear a "wave", followed by a clatter on the ground, everyone is in an uproar, dare to feel his palm force to spit out, unexpectedly broke a glass lamp hanging outside Zhang Yu, this power is not only two people in the shed are amazed, even Ye Yanshuang is secretly alarmed! When the old Dharma King saw that Ye Yanshuang had suddenly withdrawn his palm to avoid it, he thought that he did not dare to take his palm by force. "Where are you going?" He shouted with a superficial smile. Suddenly a twist, the right palm from his chest to wear out, the body followed the flying vertical up, with the "petrel sweeping wave" flying skill, the body rose two feet, flat flying over, this kind of flying skill, also unless it is Fa Hua Jin Wang has this skill, the body fell, as light as a bee playing pistil,Blue Bottle Serum, this kind of flying skill lifting vertical art, as well as posture kungfu, can be regarded as a must. The place where he stayed was less than two feet away from Ye Yanshuang. When Ye Yanshuang saw that he had already hit him, he stopped at his feet, and Master Hongyun turned his hand to the back of his hand, and the "big thrower" hit Ye Yanshuang on his abdomen. When Ye Yanshuang saw that the old monk was unreasonable, he could not help being slightly angry. As soon as he sucked his lower abdomen, he sat back in the style of "Lao Tzu sitting in the cave." Master Hongyun threw one hand into the air, and Ye Yanshuang suddenly pointed straight at Hongyun's "shoulder well point."! Ye Yanshuang hated Hongyun for being unreasonable, so this move was clearly an acupoint hand, but in fact it carried out a "mixed yuan one finger force", one finger came out, but when he heard a light roar, the fingertip was still more than half a foot away from Hongyun Master, and Hongyun Master felt a trace of cold air piercing through his clothes. Dharma Master Hongyun has been practicing Qigong for decades, and he is good at closing the acupoints. At this time, oil dropper bottle ,30ml dropper bottle, he is not in a hurry to prevent the acupoints. In this way, he feels numb on his right shoulder, and almost breaks through the strength of the acupoint. He is so frightened that he breaks out in a cold sweat. I thought that this son was good at pressing acupoints in the air, and the skill of internal qi had entered the realm of transformation. As far as I know, there are only two or three people alive in the martial arts world today who have this skill, but unexpectedly he is a little older, but he has such skill. How can he not be stunned! Ye Yanshuang secretly pointed out with Xuangong, and saw that the other party was only stunned, but was not touched by the acupoint. Knowing that the other party was also good at closing the air and sealing the acupoint, he was also secretly taken aback. If he could not subdue this person today, how could he step down to see Li Yanhong? Thinking of this, he saw Master Hongyun running through three bricks in a row. Although he could move freely, he did not make a move. How did he know that Master Hongyun's right arm was sore at this time? Under the cover of turning his body, he was actually lucky to activate his blood. Ye Yanshuang also turned around and deceived himself twice. At this time, the old Dharma King had already intended to fight with Ye Yanshuang. He would rather die for the jade than for the tile. As soon as his body approached, he suddenly shook his palms. "The rainbow clouds penetrated the sun," and went straight to the door of Ye Yanshuang's face. This move was poisonous and sick! Ye Yanshuang was startled. Without thinking, he suddenly closed his palms and tried to open his palms. He would never allow him to change his style. Then he used "Yunlong Shaking Armor" to beat him down. But a wise man is bound to make a mistake, not to mention that his opponent is a rare master in Wulin today! It turned out that Master Hongyun was cunning and secretly planned to beat down Ye Yanshuang with his last move. He didn't want to win the other side with the above serial style.
At this time, Ye Yanshuang's "Wei Tuo Holding Pestle Style" was handed up, and Master Hongyun shouted: "Good to come!" As soon as he suddenly retreated, he threw himself sideways, lit the green bricks with one foot, and looked out with his right foot. His whole body was like lying flat on the "Golden Brick Eight Diagrams Array". His upper body suddenly twisted westward and swept out with one leg. This style is called "iron plough ploughing", also known as "playing in the water". It turned out that the monk had done a lot of hard work on his legs in his early years, and was able to sweep off three cypress stakes as thick as the mouth of a bowl with one leg. Imagine that he could not stand it even if he was asked to sweep up his legs! At this time, Ye Yanshuang is within the scope of his move. If you want to get out of the way, if you don't float down, you have to jump to avoid it. But his style is too fast to let you slow down for a moment. As a result, Master Hongyun was in bad luck. Ye Yanshuang was facing the enemy at this time, and all kinds of kungfu, except the flying skill and internal force, were the basic kungfu that he had practiced for months, and he could not avoid it. However, the moves against the enemy were still several palms taught by Nantian Condor and Ji Shang. At this time, he was pressed by Master Hongyun. If he did not perform the kungfu in "Huiyuanbaolu", he was afraid that he would. Seeing that this leg had been swept up, Ye Yanshuang suddenly stared, his whole body suddenly shrank, as if he were several inches shorter, and suddenly stretched out his right hand. The dustpan opens five fingers, the dark luck mixes the yuan true strength to put above five fingers, straight toward the red cloud master on the right ankle to grasp as fast as lightning, this is the "sub-cloud claw" of the 17th Bird Elephant Festival in "Treasure Record". Just listen to his mouth "hey", impartial, to catch a real. Then Ye Yanshuang shook his hand upward, and Master Hongyun's huge body was thrown into the air and flew straight to the crowd under the stage! Master Hongyun was in the air, knowing that he had been defeated for a while, and his body was thrown up. He was in a hurry to "drop a thousand catties vigorously". His breath sank and his throwing power suddenly decreased. Then he stretched out his arms in the air and landed gently on the edge of the stage. Although he did not fall, he had been thrown out of the "Golden Brick Eight Diagrams Array". He could not deny it. He was so ashamed that his face was red as blood. "I'm willing to be defeated," he said. For the first time in seventy years, I was defeated by hands tonight. Ye Shaoxia, are you still willing to take my convenient shovel? At this time,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, there were tens of thousands of people in the audience, and the applause resounded through the sky; the two masters were watching each other, so surprised that they could not say a word. penghuangbottle.com