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Analysis of the difference in operation between th (13th Dec 22 at 2:32am UTC)Quote Reply
Original title: Analysis of the difference in operation between the new centrifugal extractor and the extraction tank and extraction tower At present, the common extraction equipment mainly includes centrifugal extractor, mixing clarifier, extraction tower and so on. With the continuous development of extraction technology, customers will compare different extraction equipment, so what is the difference between centrifugal extractor and extraction tank and extraction tower? Zhengzhou Tianyi Extraction Technology Co., Ltd. will answer for you! 1. Centrifugal extractor Centrifugal extractor is a new, fast and efficient liquid-liquid extraction and separation equipment, which is essentially different from extraction tank and extraction tower in operation principle. The centrifugal extractor uses a motor to drive a rotary drum to rotate at a high speed, two liquids with different densities and immiscibility are mixed and transferred under the action of shearing force generated by the rotation of the rotary drum or a paddle, and are rapidly separated under the action of centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the rotary drum. Working principle of centrifugal extractor 1. Mixing and mass transfer process: The light and heavy two-phase solutions enter the annular mixing zone formed between the rotary drum and the shell from the two feed pipe orifices in a certain proportion. With the help of the rotation of the rotary drum, the two phases are quickly mixed and dispersed through the turbine disc and impeller, and the two-phase solution is fully transferred. And that mix mass transfer proces is completed. 2. Two-phase separation process-the mixed liquid enters the rotary drum under the action of the vortex disc. In the compartment area formed by the vortex plate, the mixed liquid quickly rotates synchronously with the rotary drum. Under the action of centrifugal force, the heavy phase liquid with large specific gravity gradually moves away from the center of the rotary drum and leans to the wall of the rotary drum in the upward flow process; the light phase liquid with small specific gravity gradually moves away from the wall of the rotary bowl and leans to the center. The clarified two-phase liquid finally enters the collecting chamber through respective weir plates and is respectively led out of the machine by a guide pipe to complete the two-phase separation process. II. Mixing and clarification tank The extraction tank (also known as mixer-settler) is a kind of step-by-step contact extraction equipment that realizes two-phase separation by gravity. As far as the flow direction of water phase and organic phase is concerned, it can be divided into counterflow type and parallel flow type; as far as the energy input mode is concerned, it can be divided into air pulse stirring, mechanical stirring and ultrasonic stirring; As far as that structure of the tank is concern, in addition to the simple tank mixer, there are various other mixer such as multi-compartment, combined type, etc. Working principle of mixer-settler The extraction tank is the earliest and still widely used technically mature extraction equipment in industry. It is a step by step contact-type extraction equipment which realizes two-phase separation by gravity, and is mainly composed of a mixing chamber and a clarification chamber. The raw material liquid and the extractant firstly enter a mixing chamber through respective feed inlets, hemp extraction centrifuge ,rotary vacuum evaporator, are mixed for mass transfer through the stirring of a stirrer, and then enter a clarification chamber through an overflow baffle, and natural separation is realized through the action of gravity. And finally, entering different outlets respectively to finish the extraction process. In the actual production, the extraction tank is generally a multi-stage series, and there are many sections such as stripping section, washing section, regeneration section and so on. III. Extraction Tower The rotating disc extraction column is a mechanically agitated extraction column, abbreviated as RDC, which is composed of a vertical cylinder with a horizontal stationary ring baffle. The stationary ring baffle is a flat plate with a hole in the center, the stationary ring baffle divides the cylinder into a series of extraction chambers, the center of the extraction chamber is provided with a rotating disc, the series of rotating discs are arranged on a rotating shaft in parallel, and the upper part and the lower part of the rotating disc and the stationary ring are two clarification chambers respectively. Like other extraction towers, the light phase and the heavy phase enter the turntable from the tower bottom and the tower top respectively during operation, and the two phases are in countercurrent contact in the extraction tower. Under the action of the turntable, the dispersed phase forms small droplets, which increases the mass transfer area between the two phases. The light phase and the heavy phase after the extraction process flow out from the top and the bottom of the tower respectively. Operating principle of extraction column The rotary disc extraction tower belongs to tower type extraction equipment with mechanical stirring, and consists of three parts: an upper clarification section, a mixing section and a lower clarification section. Wherein the mixing section is in the shape of a cylinder, the inside of the mixing section is divided into a series of extraction chambers by stationary ring baffles, and a fixed turntable is arranged between the two stationary ring baffles and rotates together with a stirring shaft. During operation, the heavy phase (water phase) and the light phase (organic phase) enter from the top and the bottom of the tower respectively and are in countercurrent contact in the tower. Under the agitation of the fixed turntable, the dispersed phase forms small droplets to increase the mass transfer area, and after the extraction process is completed, the light phase and the heavy phase flow out from the outlets at the top and bottom of the tower respectively.
Now you know the difference between them, if you want to know more detailed parameters and operation process,winterization filtration, you can contact Li Gong of Zhengzhou Tianyi Extraction Technology Co., Ltd.: I 5 6 I 7 B 7 gO 5 2!!! Return to Sohu , see more Responsible Editor:. toptiontech.com
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