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Super Learning _ 20200215155541. (13th Dec 22 at 2:57am UTC)Quote Reply
Zhang Zhi politely asked Chen Feng to go with Zhang Wenhao. When the three of them arrived at the newly arranged private room, Chen Feng nodded his head to express his satisfaction and said, "What I want is this effect. The place is not too big or too small. It won't make people feel uncomfortable, and there won't be any other superfluous things to attract their attention. The dining table is the core of this private room. Once it's on the table, Everyone's attention is focused here, so it feels natural. As he spoke, Chen Feng added, "Just arrange two waiters in the private room, one to pass the dishes and the other to wait for orders at any time. As for pouring the wine, let them come by themselves. There must be someone rushing to do this job at that time." Chen Feng and the bosses agreed that the time was 6:30, but from 5:40, people arrived one after another. Chen Feng did not go out to greet anyone, but naturally sat on the main seat in the box. Zhang Wenhao sat on the right hand side, deliberately turning the wine glass upside down in front of the left hand side, meaning that there was an arrangement for this position, so that others would not miss it. Even Zhang Zhi was forbidden by Chen Feng to go out to meet, just ordered to arrange a few more beautiful waitresses in the lobby, the boss came, will naturally ask the location of the box, but let the waiter bring it over. Such an arrangement, let Zhang Wenhao see an unusual taste. When every boss enters the door, it is such a scene: the waiter knocks on the door, and Chen Feng comes in with a sound. At this time,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, the waiter will push the door open, then dodge to one side and make a gesture of invitation. The boss behind her will come in with a smile on his face. As soon as he enters the door, he sees Chen Feng sitting in the main seat. He greets Chen Feng with a smile and respect. Chen Feng also did not stand up, randomly pointed to a position, said please sit down, to the convenience will be interesting to go to the front, he pulled out the chair to sit down. In this way, these people from the time of entering the door of the gas field will fall,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, no one held them in the sky, and they see Chen Feng, also from the first class, very polite, Chen Feng is very easy to firmly control the situation in hand. By 6:10, all the 10 people invited by Chen Feng had arrived. These people did not have the style of a big boss. Even the waiters were very polite and polite. When they asked the waiters to do anything, they would add a word of invitation. The waiter poured a cup of good tea for each person first, and there was a pack of expensive Yellow Crane Tower cigarettes and a beautiful sound lighter in front of each person's seat. Dinner time has not yet arrived, these people will chat with each other in the room, but make Zhang Wenhao feel interesting is, no matter which a few people chat, talk about what kind of topic, always try to bring Chen Feng in, Chen Feng has no one to take and this group of people chat some no nutrition polite words, time is up, Zhang Zhi knocked on the door, L Methylfolate Factory ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, asked Chen Feng said: Shall I let the kitchen start serving now? Chen Feng waved his hand with a smile and said casually, "Come on, Lao Zhang, don't be busy. Give it to the people below you. Come and sit here." With these words, Chen Feng patted the empty seat on his left with his left hand. All the people present had been quietly watching the two seats beside Chen Feng, which everyone wanted to sit in, but when they came in, they found that Chen Feng's most important right-hand seat was a young man, while the left-hand seat was empty, but when they looked carefully, the wine glass on the table was upside down, and it was obvious that Chen Feng had already arranged the seat. So one by one did not dare to peep. When Chen Feng politely waved to Zhang Zhi, the other ten people on the table all looked at Zhang Zhi unconsciously. They instinctively thought in their hearts, listen to Chen Feng's tone, this place is Zhang Zhi's place, and the relationship between Chen Feng and this Zhang Zhi must be very unusual. Otherwise, it is impossible to set the dinner here, and leave the left hand position to this Zhang Zhi. Zhang Zhi's heart was like a mirror. Seeing the surprised eyes of the bosses, he was grateful to Chen Feng. He immediately called the lobby manager of the hotel and gave him the instructions. Then he went around the table and sat on Chen Feng's left hand side.
According to Zhang Zhi's previous way of doing things, he would never sit down without saying a word. He would definitely take out the best cigarette, tear it from the bottom of the cigarette case, smoke it out from the bottom, and hand it to the big bosses one by one. For no other reason, first of all, respect and politeness. Secondly, smoking from the bottom can avoid touching the filter tip with his hand. Because big bosses are very particular about these details, if someone else's hand touches the filter tip, as long as that person is not a person higher than themselves, they generally will not take the cigarette, let alone smoke. However, because Chen Feng had already explained before, Zhang Zhi deliberately behaved very naturally, and these bosses were also very curious, not knowing what characters were sitting on Chen Feng's left and right sides. Chen Feng is laughing to say at this moment: "Come, everybody, introduce with everybody." At the end of this sentence, all the people present stopped making a sound. They watched Chen Feng put his right hand on Zhang Wenhao's back and said, "This is my good brother, Zhang Wenhao. He has a good friendship with me. You bosses will take care of him more in the future." Everyone was surprised to see that Zhang Wenhao was only ten years old, but Chen Feng said that he had a friendship with himself, this message must be taken seriously, perhaps the main purpose of Chen Feng's dinner today is for this Zhang Wenhao. Zhang Wenhao said politely at this time, saying, "Elder brothers, please take care of me in the future." The people present said one after another, "Brother Zhang is too polite. Brother Feng's brother is my brother. He will be his own family in the future. If you have any instructions, just contact him." With these words, he did not forget to take out his business card and hand it over. Zhang Wenhao accepted these business cards one by one, and Chen Feng said with a smile: "Wen Hao may have something to trouble you for help in the future, and I hope you can pay more attention to it." "That's that's.." Surrounded by echoing voices, Chen Feng patted Zhang Zhi on the shoulder and said,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, "This is Zhang Zhi, the boss of Hanlin Ecological Park, my good friend. It has just opened here. You may not have been here yet. I often come here when I have a chance." 。 pioneer-biotech.com
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